With easy accessibility and natural beauty in all four seasons, Jesup Path won us over pretty quickly! The simple walk starts over a rustic wooden footbridge. After crossing the Hemlock Road, the Jesup Path becomes a classic Maine boardwalk through a beautiful bog and white birch forest. Tell us in the comments below what you think!

1The Path is Gorgeous in Winter

The trail is absolutely stunning during winter. Try going early in the morning or late at night to catch what photographers call the “golden hour” – the soft light really adds to the natural beauty.

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If you go during cold temps after a brief thaw or a lot of rain, the path might be flooded. You may even need to bring your skates! ⛸

2Jesup Path Blossoms in Spring

“Lush” and “vibrant” somehow fall short in describing this view!

3See Wildlife on the Path in the Summer

Don’t be too surprised if you stumble across a deer on the walk! This is a national park, after all. 😉

4Leaves Fall on Jesup Path

Like the rest of Maine, fall foliage paints this path an amazing array of colors.

Is Jesup Path your favorite quick walk in Acadia National Park? What’s your favorite walk in southern Maine? Please share with our community in the comments at below!


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