Kudos to Chris Lawrence, the photographer behind Maine Photography. Just after the new year he hopped in his boat and cruised around Portland Harbor, lining up the setting moon with the church perfectly. Have you ever seen a Maine picture with over 13k shares?!

Want to be even more impressed? Watch the video below of Chris wrapping a canvas print of this same photo! His passion for his craft is obvious. Way to go, Chris! 🙌

Video commentary from Chris: “So here at Maine Photography… all production is in-house at my studio behind my home. I do all the printing and production work myself. Besides snaps with the camera… there is a real art to printing. I choose to do it myself to control the process and quality. The video here is a time lapse of a 16×24″ stretched canvas gallery wrap. It shows a little of the production process.”

Simply amazing! You can contact Chris directly by phone (207-632-0562) or by email (chris@mainephotography.com) to order prints.

What’s your favorite Maine photo? Tell us in the comments below!


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