Ever heard anything like that before? Another article for the “only in Maine” files…

The most I’ve ever won on a scratch ticket is $2, but here in Maine someone scratched their way to an adorable tiny house! The game is titled “Tiny Homes, Big Wins” and is officially run by the Maine Lottery.

Earlier this year, Kathleen McCarty of Casco took home the first big prize, which included a new tiny house, a Ford F-350 truck and $3,000 in cash for taxes. The total prize package was nearly $90,000!

The pictures below show my favorite tiny house in Freeport, Maine. It doesn’t have wheels like some other models, but it sure is charming!

The second winning ticket is set to be announced tomorrow for another lucky Mainer. My fingers are crossed!

Could you live in a tiny house? Where would you park your tiny home (if it had wheels)? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Love the idea of being soo mobile and could park at many campsites, visit all the grandkids but would miss having a yard. love my hummingbird friends!


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